Science Fiction – To my English readers

Science Fiction Novel: “Connor’s Light – Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind”

The science fiction ebook “Connors Licht – Begegnung der fünften Art“, in English “Connor’s Light – Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind“, will be available late 2012. Also I will setup a similar blog in English language. This within 2012, after the German version has been released and I have free capacities to do so. For the moment I have to say sorry, especially since my English isn’t good enough to translate reading probes on the fly to satisfy your desire to get deeper into the science fiction story ;)

Nevertheless, you can enter your email into the small white field on the left, above the button “senden”. This is so to inform the German readers ONCE, the novel is available digitally in German (it’s not a newsletter field!!). So you are at least informed, it is time to watch out for the English version of this blog. Thanks for understanding.

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